Sarah Berg as Eve Lockhart in Vermijo


Sarah plays Eve Lockhart in the western drama Vermijo.  Her character is the long suffering wife of Ace Lockhart, one of the town's bullies (along with his older brother Jim and younger sibling Carl).


 ~Sarah Berg ~

Creative, Outgoing and Passionate about Life, Arts and the community!

One of Sarah's friends once told her: "You're passionate about everything."

She quickly responded and said: "I'm passionate about the things I set my mind on doing." 


Sarah has many talents and interests.  She has worked extensively in both film and theatre with various companies. Over the winter of 2016 she performed in A Christmas Carol with Arts Express and is currently in CATS the Musical,  with the same company. Sarah has also worked with the Great American Playhouse. In 2015, she performed in two productions. Her roles were: Barbie, in a Toy Story spoof and a teenage Violet, in a take off of The Incredibles.  Sarah has taken professional vocal training for many years. She is currently with voice coach, Michael Chaffin. 

For the past 5 years Sarah has been enjoying country two step swing dancing, along with ballroom dancing and has competed twice in Tucson AZ.  Teaching country dancing to friends and family, while watching relationships and friendships grow, is something she finds very fulfilling. 

Besides performing, Sarah is also an accomplished make-up artist in the Tucson community and was recognized for her work, in Tucson Model Magazine, in the January 2014 issue. At the age of 18, she was lead make-up artist in a major motion picture, Renegade in 2009-2010. She has done everything from Bridal make-up to prosthetics, underwater make-up, airbrushing and special effect make-up for film and theater. 

Sarah works with Arts Express, a non for profit in Tucson, that promotes the arts through theater, music and dance, for kids, youth and young adults, in the community. She has the position of Volunteer Coordinator and helps with administrative and educational functions. This includes working as the lead make-up artist in various shows through out the year.

"I am grateful for the blessed life I have and all the opportunities that God has has given me. I hold tightly to my faith, family and my amazing husband, who continues to support me in each creative, out of the box aspect of my life. My family has been a solid supporter of all of my artistic ambitions and my faith in God has guided my steps on this journey we call---life!" 

"When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way." 
-Wayne Dyer
~Sarah Berg~
Actress, theater, film make up artist. 
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