Adam Gold as Jim Lockhart interviewing Luke Tyler (Noah Woods) in VERMIJO


Adam Michael Gold was born in New York on January 25th, 1989. His father, Jon, and mother, Lucienne, owned the Long Island Journal, a large weekly newspaper. Adam grew up with many opportunities to experience the world, spending most of his early life traveling across the globe with his parents. Education was always a top priority, and Adam was enrolled in private and college preparatory schools from a very young age. The family finally settled down in Tucson, Arizona for Adam's middle school education, where he attended St. Gregory College Prep before transferring to and graduating from Catalina Foothills High School in 2007. Adam, feeling at home in Tucson and tired of traveling, decided to stay in Arizona for college--in 2011, he graduated from the University of Arizona magna cum laude with a triple major in Psychology, Political Science, and Creative Writing. The next step was intended to be law school.

During his last year at the university, a friend pushed Adam to try out for the Pinnacle Peak Pistoleros--a wild west stunt group that performed at Trail Dust Town in Tucson. After a rigorous audition, director Jerry Woods and his wife, Heather, asked Adam to join the show. For the next two years, Adam was shown the ropes of performance and stunt work, playing with the audience, falling off of buildings, and getting blown up on stage three shows a night.

During his second year at the stunt show, Jerry and Heather pushed Adam to pursue a career in entertainment, specifically to follow his heart into the world of film. Due to an injury keeping him from his performances at the stunt show, Adam began working on several local independent and student films. After an incredibly busy six months, Adam made a trip to Los Angeles and managed to get picked up by the Polygon Group talent agency, his current representative. Shortly after, Adam booked his first Los Angeles feature film, which sparked his transition from Arizona to California this past year.

Since his recent move, he has played leading roles in several film projects and commercial pieces, and is slated for many more.

Adam has previously worked with the director Paul Vernon on the western short cine-poem "Send Me Your Smile - A Desert Monologue".  The film won him Best Actor at the Wild Bunch Film Festival in September 2016.  The film itself also picked up an award for best cinematography in a short film and earlier in 2015 received "The Rising Spirit Award" for the most inspirational film at the Jerome Indie Film and Music Festival of 2015 thanks to Adam's superb performance.

See Adam Gold in Send Me Your Smile - A Desert Monologue